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Elise’s CV

Contact Information

Elise Pusateri

247 Second Street

Troy, NY, 12180

Phone: (631)-806-5119



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

PhD, Nuclear Engineering

May 2011-Present

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

BS, Nuclear Engineering

August 2007-May 2011

Employment History

Summer 2009- Princeton University REU-Environmental Research for the Department of Material Science

  • Responsible for building and designing components for a vertical cavity surface emitting laser.
  • Performed real time measurements of the spectroscopy of water vapor in the atmosphere.

Presented research analysis project to PRISM/PCCM/MIRTH colleagues and professors

Summer 2010- Lawrence Livermore National Lab. DHS Intern Nuclear Eng.

  • Project was collaboration between LLNL and UC Berkeley.
  • Used MCNP to model a detector that scans for high Z materials in cargo containers.
  • Studied the effectiveness of radiographic imaging techniques.
  • Presented research to UC Berkeley Team and LLNL researchers.

Summer 2011-Naval Research Laboratory Intern

  • Used Python to analyze Background Radiation spectral data taken from tours around the Chesapeake Bay region with HPGe detectors
  • Created a Background Radiation profile of this region to understand the change in background spectrum lines with respect to changes in times of day, weather, currents and tides

Summer 2012-Computational Physics Workshop at Los Alamos National Laboratory Member

  • Attended workshop seminars on computational physics methods and applications
  • Worked with Electromagnectic Pulse (EMP) simulation group to add swarm model to existing EMP code at LANL. This model calculates the evolution of a swarm of electrons that is created by photoelectron ionization of air and Townsend impact ionization at a given air density and electric field.

Awards and Fellowships

Rensselaer Medal Scholarship

Donald V. Edwards Scholarship

New York State Regents Scholarship for Academic Excellence

H. Arthur Williams Scholarship

UTC Scholarship

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear Education Fellowship


DE-AC52-07NA27344 “Improving image contrast with energy threshold: MCNP study of an 8-by-8 pixels BGO array”, Pusateri, Elise N., Descalle, Marie-Anne, DHS Internship Poster (2010), Livermore CA.

LLNL-ABS-448561 “Improving image contrast with an energy threshold: an MCNP study”, Pusateri, Elise N., Descalle, Marie-Anne, DHS Internship Abstract (2010), Livermore CA.

LA-UR-12-25760 “Electromagnetic Pulse Simulations – Swarm Electron Time Delay in Thunderstorm Environment”, Pusateri, Elise N., Snyder, Evan, Final Reports from the 2012 Computational Physics Workshop (2012), Los Alamos NM.

“A New Analytical Model to Evaluate Dancoff Factors in Stochastic Media”, Pusateri, Elise N., Ji, Wei, ANS Winter Conference (2012), San Diego CA.

LA-UR-13-20686 “Progress on the Development of an Electron Swarm Model for Use in CHAP-LA”, Tierney, Heidi E., Pusateri, Elise N., Nelson, Eric M., Holmes, Richard L., HEART Poster (2013), Albuquerque NM.

Skills and Interests 

Python, C/C++, FORTRAN, MATLAB, MCNP, Scale6, IGOR Pro, NX CAD, Women in MANE (Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering), Society of Women Engineers, American Nuclear Society National and Local Member, American Nuclear Society Local Member Peer Tutoring, Swimming, Yoga, and Pilates