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Andrew Pavlou Wins First Place in 2014 Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Competition

CANYON, TX – Andrew Pavlou, a Ph.D. student in Nuclear Engineering and Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has been awarded a First Place prize in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards competition. Pavlou’s award is in the Open Competition in the category of Nuclear Science and Engineering. His award-winning research paper, “On-the-Fly Sampling of Thermal Scattering S(α,β,T) Data for Monte Carlo Codes,” was presented at the International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants in April 2014.

In order to be successful and retain its leadership role in nuclear technologies, the United States must foster creativity and breakthrough achievements to develop tomorrow’s nuclear technologies. The Department of Energy has long recognized that university students are an important source of breakthrough solutions and a key component in meeting its long-term goals. The Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards Program was developed for this purpose.

The Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards program is designed to: 1) award graduate and undergraduate students for innovative fuel-cycle-relevant research publications, 2) demonstrate the Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies’ commitment to higher education in fuel-cycle-relevant disciplines, and 3) support communications among students and DOE representatives.

The program awarded 20 prizes in 2014 for student publications and presentations relevant to the nuclear fuel cycle. In addition to cash awards, award-winning students will have a variety of other opportunities.

For more information on the Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards program, visit

NEAMS Group Members Participate in Summer Internships

This summer the members of the NEAMS group had the opportunity to conduct research at two Department of Energy national laboratories. Andrew Pavlou and Elise Pusateri continued their research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Christopher Morrison and Jaron Senecal started new projects at Idaho National Laboratory. All enjoyed a productive summer as well as the cross-country road trips.

Chao and Yanheng Defend their Theses Next Week

Chao Liang and Yanheng Li, two students from the NEAMS group will defend their theses next week. Yanheng will be presenting at on Monday (31st) from noon to 2:00 in JEC 5030 on his work on meso scale modeling of pebble bed reactors. Chao will present on Wednesday (2nd) from 10:00 to noo in JEC 4001 on his work on chord length sampling methods.

Jaron Senecal wins 2nd Place in Student Poster Competition

A poster presented by Jaron Senecal at the 2013 Materials Science & Technology conference in Montreal won 2nd place in the Student Poster Competition. The poster described the work he did modeling the geometric dissolution of nuclear waste form glass. More information on this topic can be found here. This work was done as part of a summer internship at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Elise Pusateri to Present at the Fuel Cycle Technology Annual Review Meeting

Elise Pusateri has been selected by the Fuel Cycle R&D Program to present a poster
at the Fuel Cycle Technology Annual Review Meeting to be held Tuesday, November
5 – Thursday, November 7, 2013 at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL. The
meeting will focus on fiscal year 2013 program accomplishments and plans for the
upcoming years. This meeting is by invitation only