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Jaron Defends His Dissertation

On July 6, Jaron Senecal successfully defended his dissertation titled, “Efficient Coupling Algorithms and Reduced-Order Methods for High-Fidelity Multiphysics Simulations of Nuclear Reactors.” In September, Jaron will begin working as a Boiling Water Reactor neutronics engineer at Framatome in Richland, Washington.

ANS Annual Meeting: Driving the Future of Technology

Several members of the NuCoMP research group attended the 2018 American Nuclear Society Annual meeting in Philadelphia. They attended numerous technical talks as well as several panel discussions about the future of the nuclear industry. Kurt presented his research in a talk titled, “Preliminary Integration of MCNP6 and PROTEUS into the NEAMS Workbench.” Jaron gave a presentation titled, “A Reduced-Order Model for the Solution of Diffusion Equations.”

Kurt Awarded Rickover Fellowship

Kurt Dominesey was recently awarded the Rickover Fellowship in Nuclear Engineering, sponsored by the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Naval Reactors Division and Naval Nuclear Laboratory. This fellowship is designed to address the DOE’s need for skilled personnel to advance the scientific and engineering technology underpinning naval nuclear propulsion and supports Kurt’s doctoral studies by providing 36 months of funding. This program also affords Kurt the opportunity to conduct research at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory over the course of two summer practicums. Following the completion of his degree, Kurt intends to continue his research in nuclear methods development as an employee of the Knolls Laboratory.

Dr Ji Wins Education Award

Congratulations to Professor Wei Ji for winning the 2018 Education Innovation Award presented by the RPI School of Engineering. This and other awards were announced at the annual Faculty Awards Dinner.

Prof. Wei Ji (MANE) belatedly received his 2018 School of Engineering Education Innovation Award from Dean Shekhar Garde and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Matt Oehlschlaeger. Congratulations Wei!

Posted by RPI School of Engineering on Thursday, May 10, 2018


Mathieu Passes His Candidacy Exam

On May 23, Mathieu Dupont presented his research on the “Development and Characterization of Coupled Physics Critical Experiments for Multi-Physics Simulation Benchmarks” to his doctoral committee and passed his candidacy exam. After completing his experiments at RPI’s Reactor Critical Facility, he will now work on processing the data and preparing his dissertation.

PHYSOR 2018: Reactor Physics Paving the Way Towards More Efficient Systems

Members of the NuCoMP group attended the PHYSOR 2018 conference in Cancun, Mexico last week. Mathieu Dupont presented his paper, “Development of Critical Experiments to Provide Validation Data for Multiphysics Coupling Codes”. Matthew Eklund presented his paper entitled, “Neutronics Modeling and Simulation of Temperature-Dependent Experiments Performed at the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF) Using Proteus-SN.” These two presentations are part a joint research project, which has been gaining recognition in the community–it was even mentioned in the opening plenary.

Mathieu presenting his work

Peter Earns His Senior Reactor Operator License

Peter Kowal passed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission examination to become a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) at the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF). He adds to the list of NuCoMP members who have become SROs at RPI’s reactor. As an SRO, Peter helps support the operational activities of RCF, including the critical reactor laboratory class, tours for students and technical groups, and ongoing research.

ANS Winter Meeting 2017: Generations in Collaboration: Building for Tomorrow

Members of the R-NEAMS research group attended the ANS Winter Meeting this week in Washington, D.C. Matthew Eklund presented his research “Neutronics Simulations of the RPI Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF) Using Proteus-SN”. Mathieu Dupont gave a talk about his research, titled “Design of Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics Coupling Critical Experiments.”
Former members Chris Morrison and Andrew Pavlou were also in attendance.

R-NEAMS members at the 2017 ANS Winter Meeting

RPI Honors Convocation

Several R-NEAMS group members were recognized at Rensselaer’s 24th annual Honors Convocation. The event was held in the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) on October 28, 2017 during Family Weekend.
Sam Walker was recognized for winning the Department of Energy’s Integrated University Program Fellowship. This fellowship covers tuition expenses for three years, it also provides an opportunity to conduct research at a DOE National Laboratory for a summer.
Jaron Senecal was awarded the RPI Founders Award of Excellence. The Founders Award of Excellence was established in 1994 to honor students who embody qualities of creativity, discovery, leadership, and the values of pride and responsibility at Rensselaer.

Chris Defends His Dissertation

On Tuesday, April 25, Christopher Morrison presented his doctoral work entitled “Improving Prompt Doppler Feedback Using Micro-Engineered Heterogeneous Composite Matrix Nuclear Fuel”. His doctoral committee approved, and he is set to graduate officially in August. He is planning on a career in industry developing nuclear technologies that enable space travel.